mBank Hipoteczny confirms full readiness to meet European standards of transparency


Regular publication of reports on the cover pool in the latest version of the Harmonised Transparency Template (HTT), promoted by The Covered Bond Label Foundation, allows investors to analyze and assess the quality of coverage for issued covered bonds based on comparable data.


Please find below the reports on coverage for covered bonds issued by mBank Hipoteczny, in which the following data have been presented on a quarterly basis:

  • the value and structure of the portfolio of mortgage loans that constitute cover assets by type of real estate, region, currency, type of interest rate and maturity,
  • the value and structure of substitute cover assets and the level of liquidity buffer,
  • the value and structure of covered bonds issued in terms of currency, type of interest rate and maturity,
  • the level of statutory limits (overcollateralisation).

More information about coverage for covered bonds and statutory limits for mortgage banks

The Covered Bond Label


mBank Hipoteczny is committed to high quality and transparency of cover pool information, confirmed by the Covered Bond Label.

















Archive files

Investor information required by law


Pursuant to the art. 33d of Act of 29 August 1997 on Covered Bonds and Mortgage Banks, mBank Hipoteczny provides, on a quarterly basis, information on covered bond programmes. The information we publish is sufficiently detailed to allow investors to assess the profile and risks of that programme and to carry out their due diligence.


The report is intended to ensure compliance with transparency requirements that build on initiatives by national legislators and market participants to disclose information to covered bond investors. These will ensure a uniform level of disclosure and allow investors to assess the risk of covered bonds.


We also encourage you to read the Harmonised Transparency Template (HTT) report above.