Since the first post-war issuance of covered bonds on the Polish market in 2000, mBank Hipoteczny has been one of the biggest issuers of those debt securities in Poland.


For more than 20 years, mBank Hipoteczny has played a leading role in the market for real estate financing and covered bond issue, sets the highest standards and creates market practices in the area of mortgage banking, e.g. taking active part in working groups or consulting with state institutions changes in the law governing the activities of mortgage banks towards their more dynamic development. 


The Bank confirmed its pioneering and strategic role in setting the trends for mortgage banking in Poland and made a breakthrough in the bank’s activity by implementing an innovative model of cooperation between a mortgage bank and a parent universal bank to build a portfolio of retail mortgage loans and refinance it through the issue of covered bonds.


Another milestone in the history of mBank Hipoteczny is the placement on the market of covered bonds with the longest time to maturity, the first issue of fixed-interest-rate covered bonds on the Polish market, raising PLN 1 billion through the issue of mortgage covered bonds and the first issue of mortgage covered bonds on the basis of a foreign issue programme.


Currently, mBank Hipoteczny holds 28% of the covered bond market in Poland. The total value of covered bonds issued by the bank that were being traded as at 30 June 2021 was PLN 6.94 billion. 


For more information about the development, financial standing and planned issues of mBank Hipoteczny go to the Investor presentation and News

Our achievements

  • The first licence for a mortgage bank in Poland
  • The first post-war issue of mortgage covered bonds
  • The first issue of public covered bonds in Central and Eastern Europe
  • A pioneer model for the transfer of receivables from the universal bank to the mortgage bank
  • The issue of covered bonds with the longest maturity on the Polish market (15 years)
  • The first issue of fixed interest rate mortgage covered bonds on the Polish market
  • The biggest issue of mortgage covered bonds in PLN (PLN 1 billion)
  • 300 mn EUR inaugural issue of covered bonds under International Programme