Mortgage loans for natural persons are available through mBank’s sales channels. mBank Hipoteczny acquires credit claims that meet the statutory criteria in order to issue mortgage covered bonds.


Covered bonds represent a safe debt instrument providing us with long-term and stable financing for mortgage loans granted within the Group.


This operating model:

  • eliminates the mismatch of the time structure of assets and liabilities,
  • supports the Group’s security,
  • positively affects the price competitiveness of the credit products offered.


We combine many years of experience and expertise of a specialised mortgage bank with the infrastructure and resources of a commercial universal bank. This enables us to achieve maximum synergy and cost effectiveness within the mBank Group.  


More about cooperation between mBank and mBank Hipoteczny

More about issue activity of mBank Hipoteczny

mBank S.A. and mBank Hipoteczny S.A. are separate banks that operate within one capital group.



mBank Hipoteczny is a wholly owned subsidiary of mBank. As a mortgage bank, it has the right to issue mortgage covered bonds whose collateral involves credit claims secured with real estate.

Processing of mortgage loans in the mBank Group


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o I have a mortgage loan 
processed by mBank 

If you took a loan after 1 September 2013 or your loan was transferred from mBank to mBank Hipoteczny, your situation will not change. For additional information click on the link below.



o I have a mortgage loan 
processed by mBank 

If you took a mortgage loan from mBank Hipoteczny before 1 September 2013, read the information you will find when you click on the link below (current servicing, contact details).



Your mortgage loan may be transferred from mBank to mBank Hipoteczny under the agreement for the assignment of receivables concluded between the banks in accordance with Article 509(1) of the Civil Code.

More information about how we transfer mortgage loans at mBank Group

  • 1.  
         Additional information for customers whose loans have been transferred from mBank to mBank Hipoteczny
      • The transfer of your loan does not require your participation in this process.
      • The transfer of your loan consists in the assignment of debt claims, i.e. mBank substituting for mBank Hipoteczny as the loan creditor.
      • The transfer of your loan does not involve any amendments to your credit agreement or any costs. There will be no change in the way your credit is processed (it will still be processed by mBank) or in the repayment of instalments (the account number for repayment remains the same).
      • The change of the loan creditor will be shown in the land and mortgage register, which is the collateral for your loan. mBank Hipoteczny pays the cost of entry in the land and mortgage register.
      • In addition, at the request of mBank Hipoteczny, it will be noted in the land and mortgage register that the debt claim secured with mortgage is subject to entry in the register of collaterals for mortgage covered bonds kept by mBank Hipoteczny S.A.
      • Before we transfer the loan to mBank Hipoteczny, we will prepare an expert opinion on the value of the real estate constituting the loan collateral, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Covered Bonds and Mortgage Banks (Article 22) and Recommendation F of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (section 1.2).
      • The expert opinion is the basis for the mortgage bank to determine the so-called mortgage lending value of the real estate. The result of this valuation is one of the criteria deciding on the transfer of the loan to mBank Hipoteczny.
      • The expert opinion will not require your involvement; we will pay the costs.
      • Preparing an expert opinion does not mean that your loan will be transferred to mBank Hipoteczny. mBank will advise you about the transfer of your loan in a separate letter.