2018-01-09 Confirmation of the Bank’s ratings by Fitch Ratings Ltd


The international rating agency Fitch Ratings Ltd. has confirmed on its website the international rating of mBank Hipoteczny at BBB level and the national rating at AA-(pol) level. The issuer’s long-term rating remains at the same level as mBank’s rating and has a stable outlook.


The agency appreciated the high probability of providing, if necessary, support to mBank Hipoteczny by mBank’s direct owner or at Commerzbank Group level due to the important role mBank Hipoteczny plays in the mBank Group, a high level of integration at the management and operational level, a 100% ownership interest of mBank and a long history of successful cooperation to achieve common business objectives.


In addition, the key task of mBank Hipoteczny is to secure stable long-term financing for the Group through the issue of covered bonds based on the portfolio of retail mortgage loans, built in cooperation with mBank. In the area of commercial real estate financing, mBank Hipoteczny is still a competence centre for the Group, with the credit process carried out by the Bank.



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