„Cookies” policy of mBank Hipoteczny S.A.


What are cookie files?


The website mhipoteczny.pl may use cookie files. Cookies are small text files including the name of visited web page, storage time and a unique code. They are recorded on your device (eg computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone), when you browse websites on the internet.


What data are they?


Cookies at mhipoteczny.pl do not collect any information that can identify specific people, customers visiting our website. However, they can collect the IP addresses of the device you are using, but they are anonymous information.


Cookies are available only to mBank Hipoteczny S.A. with headquarters in Warsaw, mBank S.A. with headquarters in Warsaw and Google Ireland Limited.


What do we use cookies for?


Thanks to them:

  • we can provide usage comfort - cookies recognize the user's device and display the website in accordance with his preferences (eg website language, its color, font size and layout and distribution of content), 
  • create anonymous stats to assess how users are interested in our site and understand how they use it,
  • improve the website, that is, increase its efficiency, improve navigation, make it even easier and more convenient to use.


What are the types of cookies?


At mhipoteczny.pl, we use anonymous files:

  • Session cookies - they are information that stays in the web browser up to turn off the page. They are obligatory for some functions of the website to work properly,
  • Persistent cookies - thanks to them it is easier to reach frequently visited websites, because, for example, they provide optimal navigation, remember the selected resolution, content layout. they remain in your web browser until you delete them. Their lifespan can also result from the parameters of the browser.


How to change cookie settings?


At any time you can:

  • block the automatic support for cookies in your browser, 
  • receive information about their placement on your device each time.

Detailed information can be found in the browser's menu or on the following pages:

What else is worth knowing?

All trademarks and names appearing on the mhipoteczny.pl website, which are not owned by mBank Hipoteczny S.A., belong to their owners. We use them only for informational purposes.


Please familiarize yourself with privacy statements on websites to which links can be found on mhipoteczny.pl. The bank is not responsible for the privacy protection principles used by the owners of these websites.